When I decided to formally grow the team in 2023, I received a flood of resumes. Eileen's was one that rose to the top quickly as her warm personality leapt off the page. Once I met her I knew I wanted to work with her: she's professional, loves learning, and asks incredible questions. During her time at The Learning Camel, she worked on multiple projects for clients including creating courses in multiple languages, participating in discovery calls, and creation of multiple multi-media assets. She has taken the time to upskill in instructional design and I've been impressed with her content development and technical creation skills. She is a bright light and asset to any instructional design team! 

Cara North- Learning & Development Consultant, Speaker, & Researcher. Author of Learning Experience Design Essentials, Founder and Chief Learning Consultant at the Learning Camel  

Eileen is an INCREDIBLE person to work and collaborate with. Eileen is able to take an idea at it's most basic and simple form and turn it into a functional and engaging project. I had the privilege to mentor and work along side Eileen for a month long Learning Series project. She was able to create themes, topics, and curriculum for the entire series brining it to life for the Learning and Development community which had over 20,000 views globally over the course of one month.

In addition to her AMAZING design skills, her authenticity and sweet spirit will be any team light up and be excited for work. Although I mentored Eileen, she taught me alot and asked the right questions to achieve levels of self-improvement. She is a go getter and would not only be an asset to your organization but an incredible future leader. 

Eileen approaches every project with a level of professionalism and commitment that is truly remarkable. Her meticulous attention to detail ensures that every learning experience she designs is of the highest quality and tailored to meet specific learning objectives.

Eileen's consistently goes above and beyond to support her colleagues. Eileen has a unique talent for bridging the gap between various stakeholders, ensuring that everyone's input is valued and integrated into the design process. Her willingness to listen, share insights, and offer guidance showcases her genuine commitment to the success of the entire team. 

Eileen is an amazing person to work with. Eileen brings a positive vibe to the work environment and always has a can do attitude. She is frequently the first to accept any learning challenge and desires to grow. When she achieves a new skill she is not reluctant to share to the group and help those who may be struggling. Eileen is the team that anyone wishes to work with and she is the perfect assest to any company who believes in company moral, encourages personal/professional growth, and desires employees who will grow the company.